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Types of human capital solutions services

Updated: Jan 23

Staffing agencies, providing vital human capital solutions services, offer a range of staffing solutions for diverse company needs. These include various staff types like temporary, temporary-to-permanent, and permanent hires. Agencies also provide remote talent sourcing and essential additional services such as screening and remote payroll management, catering to modern workforce requirements.

Temporary contract: For short-term or even multi-year projects, staffing agencies provide temporary or contract workers. This is ideal for meeting the immediate and specific needs of customers, focusing on fast and efficient mobilization.

Temporary to Permanent: This unique arrangement allows companies to hire employees on a temporary or contract basis, with the option to transition to permanent positions if that is a good fit. It is an effective way for both employee and employer to evaluate compatibility before making a long-term commitment.

Permanent/Direct Hiring: Agencies like Human Capital Solutions use advanced applicant tracking software and Internet tools to find candidates who align with a company's culture and requirements, ensuring a higher job search success rate appropriate. Suitable option for permanent positions.

Remote Talent: Recognizing the shift toward remote work, these services offer talent acquisition without geographic restrictions, connecting clients with the best candidates globally. This not only expands the talent pool but also offers cost-effective solutions.

Staffing your company? Types of human capital solutions services
Staffing your company? Types of human capital solutions services

In addition to this type of staff, Human Capital Solutions also offers:

Recruitment Services: Essential background checks, drug testing, and work experience verification to ensure quality and trustworthiness of candidates.

Remote Payroll Services: For temporary or contract employees, the agency can handle payroll, turning these workers into Human Capital Solutions employees, thus simplifying the process for clients.

These services demonstrate how staffing agencies like Human Capital Solutions are evolving to meet the changing needs of businesses, offering flexible, efficient and comprehensive workforce management solutions.

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