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10 Manager Concerns: Try walking in their shoes as ‘Recruiters’

As a manufacturing manager, when hiring people, the primary concerns often revolve around finding individuals with the right technical skills, adaptability to rapidly changing technologies, and the ability to work effectively within teams. 

Stepping into the shoes of a manufacturing manager, the concerns when hiring people would primarily revolve around this areas:

Skillset: Ensuring that the candidates have the necessary technical skills for the specific processes and equipment used in the facility. This includes knowledge of machinery operation, maintenance, quality control standards, and safety protocols.

Reliability: Assessing candidates for their reliability, punctuality, and commitment. Manufacturing operations often depend on precise scheduling and teamwork; thus, employees who are dependable and have a strong work ethic are crucial.

Learning Ability: Considering the fast-paced nature of manufacturing and the frequent updates in technology, candidates must be capable of learning new skills quickly.

Safety Awareness: Given the potential hazards in a manufacturing environment, a commitment to safety practices is essential. Candidates should demonstrate an understanding of safety protocols and a willingness to adhere to them rigorously.

Teamwork: It's important that new hires can communicate effectively and work well in a team setting. This includes the ability to collaborate with others, resolve conflicts constructively, and support team objectives.

Cultural Fit: Ensuring that candidates align with the company's culture, values, and vision. This includes a match in work ethic, attitudes towards innovation and continuous improvement.

Training: For certain positions, especially those involving specialized equipment or materials, candidates may need specific certifications or training. Ensuring compliance with industry regulations and the ability to undergo necessary training is critical.

Leadership: For roles that may lead to supervisory positions, assessing leadership  potential is important. This includes the ability to motivate others and make decisions under pressure.

Long-term Potential: Considering the long-term potential of candidates, including their career aspirations and the likelihood of them growing with the company, can help in building a stable and committed workforce.

Diversity: Fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace is increasingly recognized as a factor that contributes to a company's innovation and competitiveness. Evaluating candidates with diversity and inclusion in mind can help in building a more resilient team.

A manufacturing manager would need to balance these concerns, prioritizing them according to the specific needs and strategic goals of their facility. 

To meet managers' needs, human capital recruiters provide significant support in finding candidates who not only meet all requirements but also exceed expectations. To achieve this, partnering with an agency that operates at a professional level and offers the best human capital, is essential.

Manager Concerns: Try walking in their shoes as ‘Recruiters’
Manager Concerns: Try walking in their shoes as ‘Recruiters’

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