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They don't completely understand your human capital needs?


Human Capital Solutions LLC

February 27th, 2021

"Don't speak the same language" (terms) is one of the most common issues that most companies are facing with Recruitment and Staffing Agencies.

Speaking the same terms and coming from the same industry is key in order to understand and provide the right solution for human capital needs, otherwise the customer will spend valuable time filtering candidates wasting time and money.

"Its even worst, when the companies finds out that the person does not meet the requirements after weeks of working for your company".

Nowadays, some candidates simply copy requirements from job descriptions and paste them into their resumes making them look like they are qualified for the job, making it difficult for the traditional recruiters to perform adequate screenings. For that reason it is extremely important that your recruiting/ Staffing agency have recruiters with solid working experience in your specific industry. A recruiter focused on fulfilling manufacturing jobs with no previous experience in the industry environment or has never worked for a manufacturing company before will come out with a conclusion of something that is unknown for the recruiter and unfortunately the customer will suffer the results of these conclusions.

A good example is when there is a requirement for a person with Lean manufacturing experience, If the recruiter does not have sufficient knowledge or previous work experience on Kaizen events, VSM, etc. most likely that recruiter will not be able to perform a proper assessment of the candidate's experience related to lean manufacturing.

Does your current recruiting/staffing agency have working experience in your industry to successfully understand and fulfill your human capital needs?

as a big positive effect on talent retention


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